We accept many different insurances except medicare and medicaid. Please call the office and we will be happy to check on your benefits for you. You must first be signed up with the insurance policy before we are able to check on your benefits. We will gladly submit insurance for you as a courtesy but not a guarantee of payment. 303-671-0761


The Gold Plan, Our In House Discount Program

For patients without dental insurance, we offer our in house discount plan. 

This is not an insurance plan but a discount plan that offers discounts based on an annual membership fee. The plan is good for one calendar year and no discounts will carry over to the next year. No other offers or discounts are valid with the Gold Plan. 

Here is how our Gold Plan works:

- $250 discount for an individual

- $175 discount for spouse 

- $100 discount for dependents (under 18) 

Once you have signed up you will receive a discount on every procedure we do.  For more information please call the office at 303-671-0761.

Please find more details on our in-house discount plan below.



Payments are expected at the time of service.  If you have insurance, your portion or the patient portion is due at the time of service as well.  In the event that your insurance does not pay you will be responsible for any balance remaining on the account. We do take Visa, MC and Discover as well as Care Credit.

Additional Details on our "Gold Plan" Discount


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This is pertaining to what we do to help those without dental insurance.

Further details are provided below.

To learn more, please call Kelly at: 303-671-0761.

Our Discount Rates (For those without insurance)

85% Discount*
- Initial exam, recall exam, 4-bitewing x-rays, prophy & oral cancer screening twice a year.
50% Discount*

- 3 or 4 month recall/prophy only, Panoral x-rays, gross debridement, root planning & scaling.  Also any additional exams & PA's (individual x-ray of 1 tooth).

25% Discount*

- Fillings, build-ups, Root Canals, Extractions, Study Models

20% Discount*

- All Crowns (PFM, Emax & SS Crowns), Veneers.

15% Discount*

- Traditional orthodontics, Phase 1 Ortho, Silent Nite Appliance, Bruxism Splint, Gelb Splint, TMJ Splint, Tru-Tain, Partials & Dentures.

10% Discount*

- Invisalign Treatment, Laser Treatment, and Nitrous Oxide.

5% Discount*

- Bone grafts & Implants, Sinus bump.


*All Contracts good for a 1 year period.

*No payment plans available with discount plans.

*May not combine with any other offers or discounts.

*Discounts available for a 1 year period from date of  contract.

*Missed appointments will be charged at $75 fee, no discounts.

*Fees and discounts may change without notice.